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I lived my adolescence in Spain where the beauty of the landscapes and the Moorish architecture aroused my fascination for creation. Once my secondary studies were completed in Malaga, I spent a decade traveling the continents; Europe, North Africa, India, Brazil, Haiti – where I perfected my knowledge by traveling, observing, studying. I obtained my baccalaureate in visual arts with a minor in pedagogy at UQAM in 1987, and settled in the country of my childhood, at Blue Sea Lake. I have exhibited my work on exhibit walls over the years while I have taught and led creative workshops. I notably set up, at the Hauts-Bois de l’Outaouais School Board, two aspects of animation in artistic practice with marginal clienteles, first in mental health then in intellectual disability, a commitment that earned a prize in 2011 from the Outaouais Regional Culture Council.


Over the past ten years, I have produced several series of paintings where icons of a spiritual nature stand out from a magma of colors and lines that represent the forces of life. I have recently been engaged in new pictorial experiments; my last works show a more systematic exploration of the line and gesture in order to invest the decor on which stood out the characters of my canvases of the last years to make it now the very subject of my painting and modulate the components graphics. Guided by an emotion, by my own perception, I place myself in a state where expression is free and spontaneous. I conduct, depending on the work sessions, my research on form, material, textures, colors. I thus acquire a vocabulary, a dialogue, and possibly a balance … Each moment of creation allows us to discover something, these are moments of awakening, moments of revelation. Brush in hand, I do not wonder what mixture I will get and then the pleasure of discovering reveals possibilities.


These possibilities allow to give an atmosphere, a certain emotion. Painting is a means of expression in the image of language, in a conversation, words jostle, for the elaboration of a work it is the same thing. I paint as I speak, words come out spontaneously, colors too… I really like the work of Joan Mitchell and Francine Simonin to name just two… the vitality of their colors and the raw and spontaneous energy of their brushstrokes touch me deeply. I think that we create to find a certain balance, whether it is a struggle or a pure pleasure, the act of creating is a real privilege…

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